About Mustashar

Mustashar Albenaa is a leading architectural firm, Full service architectural design and Implementation in heart of Kuwait City. Our specialization is in Modern Contemporary, Classic and Islamic Traditional of luxury style home design. Mustashar Albenaa provides a comprehensive architectural exterior and interior design service for residential and commercial properties. Our team of expert architects, interior designers and civil engineers are leaded by Number of professional Team.. Number of our satisfied clients and customers in Kuwait are our best testimonial for our quality works and sincere approach to our projects. Mustashar Albenaa have a unique and distinct style, and are a must see for those looking for a fresh and original take on new home designs. Mustashar home showcases the next level in style, quality, beautiful home exterior and luxury. Whether you are interested in custom designed luxury house designs, we offer our customers outstanding customer service and stunning new dream luxury home designs. Our professional home design team will work with you to provide exceptional architectural services for house designs in modern style houses, on-site at our well planned designs to ensure your new home and includes everything you could ever need and want.

Start with clients from the beginning of projects

Mustashar Construction Services are committed to meeting the highest quality standards without compromising our safety culture.

Very professional in studying map to improve

At our company, we respect the customer’s time and schedule and always complete the projects on timely fashion way.

Best in supervision

As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience you can bet on us to get the job done exactly to .


We have successfully completed projects in numerous areas across the Kuwait. Mustashar Construction Services has a proven track record of:

Completing projects on time & Following budget guidelines
Elevated quality of workmanship
Meeting diverse supplier requirements
Implementing appropriate safety precautions and procedures